Apex Legends Cross Progression

Since it’s release in 2019, Apex Legends has quickly grown to one of the most played battle-royale and free to play games on the market.

With the game being available on all the popular consoles and systems (PC, Xbox, PS), sometimes players play the game on different systems.

One thing Apex Legends players have been wanting is cross-progression. I mean, there’s even a guy on Twitter whose name is “Apex Legends needs Cross-Progression”:

apex legends cross progression

Cross Progression vs. Cross Play

One important thing to note is that cross progression is different than cross play.

Apex Legends currently has cross play, which means the players can compete against those on other consoles or platforms. For example, PC players can play with console players and that’s a whole rivalry all on its own — the movement vs aim assist debate that we’ll save for another discussion.

Cross progression on the other hand means players are able to retain account progress across multiple platforms. In the case of Apex Legends, this means you would be able to retain your Legends, Skins, Level, etc. across platforms.

Apex Legends Cross Progression Release Date

There have been many comments from EA on the release of cross-progression.

There has been no confirmed date in terms of cross progression, but we have received several responses from employees.

Senior Producer at Respawn Entertainment, Josh Medina, stated in 2021 that cross progression will be introduced in 2022:

Former Game Director, Chad Grenier, stated that “…trying to figure out the best way to pick or merge account data is a challenge…We’re certainly looking into cross-progression:”

Ryan K. Rigney, former Director of Communications, also stated in a Reddit AMA on August 2021 that cross progression would be coming in 2022. He stated that “Cross progression is gnarly as hell…It’s not only that you have to solve the technical challenge of merging existing accounts, but there are also legal and contractual issue to navigate with purchasing on other platforms”:

Alpha Intel also stated that there’s no update on cross progression and that Respawn are “actively working” on bringing it to the game:

So all-in-all, it seems like we will be receiving cross progression in 2022, but who really knows.

How Cross Progression in Apex Legends Will Affect Everyone

Let’s take a look at how cross progression could positively or negatively affect both sides — the players and the company.

The Players

When it comes to the players, there is no doubt that they will rejoice in cross progression. Being able to play on their console and then switch to PC and have the same items and level would be amazing.

It would also provide more incentive for individuals who have leveled a character on another platform, to know that they will have that same level no matter what platform they are playing on.

The Company

When it comes to cross progression for the company, we’ve already seen that it is a difficult challenge technically.

But we also have to consider the financial aspect of things. Many are speculating that although they say that they are working on it, that Respawn would benefit more financially if there was no cross progression.

For example, let’s say someone plays on both PC and Playstation. If they play on a new console or platform as a brand new character, they will either have to unlock skins and legends the old fashioned way through grinding, or they could just pay to unlock them.

This means more opportunities and chances to make more money for the company for each player who wants to have the same skins and legends across platforms.

In conclusion, cross progression does have its challenges, but it will be welcomed by many in the community.

The proposed release is sometime in 2022, but it has not be finalized.