Apex Legends Rule 34: Be Careful What You Search

Although it is not required, many people who play the video game Apex Legends enjoy creating artwork and videos of their in-game experiences. Rule 34 is a general internet rule that states that if something exists, there is adult content of it.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that there are many explicit images and videos related to Apex Legends. There are also different rules when it comes to Apex Legends. Let’s take a look at them now.

What is Apex Legends Rule 34?

Rule 34 is the unofficial rule that states that if something exists, there is adult content of it.

This rule applies to all topics, including video games, movies, TV shows, and more. So, if you can think of it, chances are there’s someone out there who has created explicit content of it.

So when it comes to Apex Legends Rule 34, it means there is most likely adult content out there within the realm of Apex Legends.

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Different Rules for Apex Legends Rule 34

There are different rules when it comes to Apex Legends Rule 34. These rules include:

  • No real life images or videos. This means that all content must be of the game itself and not of real people.
  • All characters must be 18 years of age or older. This is because Apex Legends is rated M for Mature.
  • No content can be too graphic or violent. This includes blood, gore, and sexual content.
  • All content must be creative and original. This means that you cannot post someone else’s work without their permission.

Why Do People Create Apex Legends Rule 34 Content?

People create Apex Legends Rule 34 content for many reasons. Some people do it for the money, as there is a market for this type of content. Others do it for the attention, as it can be very popular to post these types of videos and images online.

And finally, some people just enjoy creating artwork or videos of their favorite video game characters. Whatever the reason, there is no shortage of Apex Legends Rule 34 content online.

What are the Other Rules in Apex Legends?

Let it be known that these rules of unofficial but are mostly known by the Apex Legends community.

Apex Legends Rule 24

Rule 24 in Apex Legends states that you and your teammates have the right to intervene in a multiple squad fight (also known as “third-partying”).

Usually in other games it is rude or not considered etiquette to mess with players that are in a 1 versus 1, but it’s different in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Rule 32

Rule 32 in Apex Legends states that if you claim a certain feat in the game, then you should have footage, screenshots, or other proof to back up your claim. In other words, if there is not footage, then it didn’t really happen.

Apex Legends Rule 33

Rule 33 in Apex Legends states that players should avoid blurting out unnecessary or offensive comments in the in-game mic. This preserves only essential in-game communication.

Apex Legends Rule 34

We covered this rule above.

Apex Legends Rule 35

Rule 35 in Apex Legends states that if Rule 34 doesn’t yet apply to the movie, game, or TV show, then it will most likely apply in the future.

Apex Legends Rule 63

Rule 63 in Apex Legends states that there are most likely gender-swap art versions of the characters. For example in Apex Legends, there is fan art depicting a female Octane or a male Valkyrie.

Final Remarks

These are all the unofficial rules of Apex Legends. We hope you learned something new and when it comes to some of the rules, just beware of the results when you search for them!