Dust 2 Callouts in CS:GO

If you’re a fan of first person shooters, then you’ve no doubt played Counter Strike: Global Offensive. One of the most popular maps in the game is Dust 2, and if you want to play it well, you need to know the callouts.

This blog post will teach you the callouts for Dust 2 so that you can start dominating your opponents.

If you’re more of a visual learner, be sure to check out the video we made on the callouts:

Dust 2 Callouts - CS:GO

Dust 2 Callouts

We’ll be starting the callouts from the south side of the map if you were to look at it from aerial view, starting at T Spawn.

dust 2 callouts cs go updated map

T Spawn

This is where the Terrorist team will spawn. If you’re playing as a Terrorist, this is where you’ll start the round.

Outside Long

If you’re playing as a Terrorist, this is one of the ways you can go to A Site. The other way is through Mid.


If you’re playing as a Terrorist, you usually take this route to go to Mid and then have the option of going towards A Site or B Site. Be careful if you go down this route because you will likely have to dodge bullets from the AWPers who are sniping from Mid Doors on the Counter-Terrorist side.

Top Mid

Top Mid is a section connecting Suicide and Outside Long. You usually hold here if you are attacking angles from Tunnels, Mid, and Cat.


Green is a small section that is at Top Mid. If you play this angle you’re usually peaking Cat and Mid. Just be careful because it’s easy to get trapped here and to get lots of grenades thrown at you.


Palm is an area in top mid with a Palm Tree.

Long Doors

If you’re on T side, then you enter Long Doors to get to A Site. This spot is always being watched by the CT Side, so be careful walking out the exit towards Blue and throw flash bangs and smokes.


If you’re on T and manage to make it out of Long Doors alive, then the next angle you take is at Blue which is a container. You hold this angle and clear Side Pit, Pit, and A Long corner before proceeding.

Side Pit

Side Pit is right next to Pit and is a spot many Counter-Terrorists like to hide so make sure to clear this angle if you are on CT side before proceeding into Pit or A Long.


Pit is a ramp that most people play when they are either defending A Site with an AWP after plant (if on T Side), or they are hiding in Pit (if you’re on CT) waiting for the T side to come out of Long Doors.

Pit Plat

Pit Plat is a platform right next to Pit that you can also play if you are waiting for T side to push out of Long Doors. It’s also a place to play if you are defending the plant on A if you are on T Side (and you have an AWP or auto rifle).

A Long

A Long, or Long A, is a spot that is always the most contested because it’s the main path for T’s to get to A Site. When running down A Long, make sure to throw smokes on Cross and watch for anyone camping Car, Barrels, and A Site.


Car is an angle that is usually played by CT’s defending the push into A Long. You can also play this angle if you are on T Side and you just planted A and want to watch enemies coming from CT Spawn, A Short, or A Long.


If you are on T Side making your way to A Site then make sure to smoke off Cross or you could get shot at from CT Spawn when making the “cross” onto A Site.


If you’re on T Side, once you make it across Cross safely, then Ramp is a good angle to play to watch enemies hiding on Ninja or A Short before proceeding to plant on A Site.


Barrels is a spot with barrels on A Site. You usually play this angle and watch for enemies coming from A Short, Cross, or A Long. This spot is usually played when the bomb has already been planted on A Site and you are defending the plant.


Goose is a spot behind barrels that’s in a corner. You usually play this angle when watching for pushes from A Long, A Short


Default is a spot played on A Site, it’s also a planting spot.


Safe is a spot played on A Site, it’s also a planting spot.


Quad is a spot played on A Site, it’s also a planting spot.


Pizza is a spot played near A Site.


Ninja is near A Site, this spot is usually played by CT’s who are watching for the push into A Site from Ramp and A Long.

Fast Cat/Short Boost

Fast Cat/Short Boost is a spot out CT Spawn and can be used by CT’s to boost one another onto A Short without having to run around which will take longer.


Elevator is a little corner when you drop down from A Site that is near Cross. It’s called Elevator because many CT’s like to boost one another up onto A Site when retaking. If you’re on T Side, it’s important to know this angle as well when defending.

A Short

A Short, or Short A, is a spot T Side goes through to enter A Site and where CT defends. If you’re pushing as a Terrorist, then you’ll want to watch angles from Ninja and the top of A Short A. If you’re defending as a Counter-Terrorist, then you’ll want to watch the peaks from T Side from Cat.


Stairs leads to A Short if you’re going up it and leads to Cat if you’re going down it. If you’re defending the Cat Push onto A Site, this is a great area to throw a smoke grenade.


Cat is one of the ways you can get to A Site from Mid. The other way is to go through CT Spawn. T Side usually contests control of A Short through Cat

Cat Walk

Cat Walk leads you up to Cat. People usually play this angle and see if they can peak those at Mid Doors.


XBox is a couple of boxes stacked on top of eachother in Mid. You can get onto these boxes as a shortcut into Cat instead of running up through Cat Walk. These boxes are also great to play behind when attacking Tunnels and Mid Doors.


Mid is the middle of the map and you can get to either A Site or B Site through mid.

Mid Doors

Mid Doors are the double doors that are near CT Spawn. At the start of the match, the CT Side usually peaks with AWPs here and tries to get picks on T Side who are doing the same thing from Suicide or Top Mid.

CT Spawn

CT Spawn is where the Counter-Terrorist side spawns. Part of it is also under A Short and CT Spawn is closest to A Site.

CT Mid

CT Mid is the section where CT Side crosses to get to B Site.


Scaffold is a scaffolding in CT Mid outside of B Site. This is a good area to play when there is a Mid to B Site push.

B Boxes

B Boxes is a spot that is between CT Mid and B Doors. This is often a great spot to play an angle on enemies pushing from Mid to B Site.

B Window

B Window, also known as just Window, is a hold in the brick wall on B Site. This spot is usually used when entering B Site to retake it or for defenders to watch CT Spawn and Mid.

B Doors

B Doors are the doors leading into B Site from CT Mid.

B Boxes

B Boxes are located right outside B Doors. This is a great spot to stop pushes from mid and CT Spawn.

B Back Site

B Back Site, also known as just Back Site, is the back of B Site where several of the boxes are. It’s the location in the back of B Site if you were to be looking at the site from Upper Tunnels.

B Default

B Default, also known as just Default Plant B, is called default because this is where the bomb is most commonly planted on B Site. It’s on the side of B Doors and hugs the brick wall.

Double Stack

Double Stack are the two boxes stacked on top of each other in the middle of B Site — different from the ones that lead up to B Window.

Big Box

Bix Box is the big box that sits near B Site. It’s between Plat and the planting site. Many people play this spot when peaking Upper Tunnels or the push from B Doors.

B Plat

B Plat is the area that is elevated near the B Bombsite. Most players play this angle when they are peaking Upper Tunnels, Window or B Doors.

Back Plat

Back Plat is the back of B Plat. When you’re on B Bombsite or Window, you can’t see the players hiding back hear that’s why it has its own callout name.


Fence is on B Site and it’s opposite side from B Doors. Players can hide here and get a couple picks from those pushing in from Upper Tunnels.


Dog/Close is the left corner area that you will see right after you exit Upper Tunnels. Players can hide in this corner and catch anyone pushing out of Upper Tunnels off guard.

B Closet

B Closet is right next to Car, to the right of Upper Tunnels right after you exit, and to the left of B Doors right after you enter them from CT Mid. Players like to hide hear to catch those pushing from Upper Tunnels off guard.

B Car

B Car is the car on B Site that’s next to B Closet. Players like to play behind car when defending B Site plant and to catch enemies off guard pushing in from Upper Tunnels.

Upper Tunnels

Upper Tunnels, also referred to in-game as “Upper Tunns,” is the beginning entrace from T Side into tunnels and the section that enters into B Site.

Lower Tunnels

Lower Tunnels, also referred to in-game as “Lower Tunns,” is the bottom portion of the Tunnels area and it leads directly to Mid. Players often play hear to get picks from Mid or Cat.

Outside Tunnels

Outside Tunnels is the area outside of Upper Tunnels that is close to T Spawn.

T Plat

T Plat is the raised platfrom that is next to T Spawn leading to Outside Tunnels and Upper Tunnels. If you are pushing out from Upper Tunnels into Outside Tunnels, you’ll want to keep an eye on this area to make sure an enemy isn’t here.

T Cubby

Right next to T Spawn and T Plat. You can find some people camping here sometimes.

T Ramp

The ramp leading up to T Spawn and T Plat.