How to Get to Castle Sol in Elden Ring

Castle Sol is an optional, Minor Dungeon that holds some key items and a miniboss.

Let’s dive into how to get there!

This is also part two of our “how to get to Malenia” questline.

More of a visual learner, be sure to check out the video we made showing how to get to Castle Sol:

How to Get to Castle Sol: Elden Ring (Location Guide)

How to Get to Castle Sol

Castle Sol is located within the Mountaintops of the Giants Region and North of Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace.

For our walkthrough, we’ll be starting at the Mountaintops of the Giants, the Northeast end, at the Freezing Lake Site of Grace.


From the Site of Grace, you’ll want to hook left up the ridge. Keep heading straight down the path.

Once you hit some cliffs on the ridge, you’ll want to head down them. Be careful not to slip down and avoid the Skeleton enemies as they are very strong.

Keep heading down and avoid any heroic leaps on Torrent, your spectral steed/horse or you may die.

castle sol ledges

Once you’ve reached the bottom, avoid the yellow flowers as lightning strikes them.

From there just run up to Castle Sol and be sure to grab the Site of Grace in front of it.

Castle Sol Main Gate Walkthrough

Once you reach the Castle Sol Main Gate, go ahead and head inside.

You’ll be faced with two large Lion Guardians where you can either choose to fight them or just run past them. If you choose to run past them, you’ll want to time your evade on their swing so they don’t hit you.

castle sol main courtyard

For the Lion Guardian in the Main Courtyard, if you choose to roll/evade past it, it shouldn’t continue chasing you up the stairs.

On the southeast of the courtyard in a corner is a corpse holding a Golden Rune so be sure to grab that. And to the northeast below the wooden platform is a corpse holding a Smithing Stone.

Once you make it up the stairs you will encounter two wolves and a Bladed Talon Eagle. Similar to the Lion Guardian, you can choose to fight them or just run past them.

castle sol up the stairs

Make your way inside and go up the stairs.

Continue outside and keep heading straight, you will encounter spectral Castle Guards and a spectral Banished Knight. If you choose to run past them, do note that they will follow you inside the building and may keep attacking you when trying to rest at the Site of Grace.

castle sol spectral guards

Go inside the church and turn left and you will find the Site of Grace.

castle sol site of grace

Once you rest at the Site of Grace, head into the church and you’ll find a praying spirit who is non-hostile and a corpse holding an Eclipse Shotel.

You’ll want to turn left in the church. Make your way up the stairs and you will see spectral Castle Guards get summoned, you can just avoid them and continue running past them.

Go outside and you will see the Boss Fog up the stairs where Commander Niall is located.

castle sol commander niall boss fog

Continue Exploring Castle Sol

If you choose to explore Castle Sol more before fighting Commander Niall then you could enter the room down the path on the right and climb up the ladder where you will encounter Slugs and corpses.

Walk along the ramparts and you’ll find a corpse with a Golden Rune.

Continue walking and watch out for the Castle Guard mounted on a ballista.

If you continue exploring the area, you’ll encounter a wooden bridge that you’ll want to cross. Head up the steps and you will see a second Ballista. Descend a ladder and you will find a “Sorcerer” Painting and a door that creates a shortcut.

You’ll want to head back to the Church of the Eclipse Site of Grace and if you loop around to the right you’ll see a ladder.

If you climb it and go across the ramparts, you’ll see a roof you can jump down. In the room will be Rats and a corpse with a Smithing Stone. Outside will be a corpse with a Rune Arc.

Head back to the mist wall and get ready to fight Command Niall. We will have a guide on that soon so stay tuned.

Once you defeat Commander Niall, you’ll earn the Veteran’s Prosthesis.

Keep heading down the path and to the right up the stairs you’ll find an elevator.

Go up it, continue up the stairs and you will find a spirit overlooking the view from the castle. Behind him, you will find the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left).

Combine this half with the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) you get from Albus in the Village of the Albinaurics and you will have the full medallion.