How to Get to Queen’s Bedchamber in Elden Ring

The Queen’s Bedchamber is located within Leyndell, also known as the Leyndell Royal Capital.

The bedchamber is placed strategically between two bosses and there will be many different bosses you face after reaching the Queen’s Bedchamber so you will eventually get familiar with the area.

But before facing the bosses, you first need to know how to actually get to the Queen’s Bedchamber!

Leyndell can feel like a winding maze at times and it’s easy to get lost, so let’s look at the three ways to get to the Queen’s Bedchamber depending on your progress within the game.

If you’re more of a visual learner, be sure to check out the video we made on this topic:

How to Get to Queen's Bedchamber: Elden Ring (Walkthrough)

Getting to Queen’s Bedchamber from Avenue Balcony Site of Grace

queens bedchamber from avenue balcony site of grace
Avenue Balcony Site of Grace

Upon entering the Capital, progress down to the ground level watching out for the many enemies that cross your path.

You should find the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace which is the first safe area within the city.

You’ll want to continue towards the big stone dragon that you see. To get to him, run down the stairs and watching out for the knight shooting arrows at you.

Make your way up the wings of the dragon, run up the arm and be careful not to fall down.

queensbedchamber from dragon arm
Go up the dragon arm

Climb the ladder and continue going forward. It’s pretty much a straight shot from there and all you have in the way is Godrey the Golden.

Continue moving forward, watch out for the enemy behind the wall as well as the annoying knight that shoots lightning from up above.

Grab the next site of grace and continue moving forward.

Go up the long back root and run past all of the enemies.

queensbedchamber go up back root
Go up the back root

From there you should encounter Godfrey the Golden.

This leads us into the next section.

Getting to Queen’s Bedchamber from Godfrey the Golden’s Site of Grace

Once you defeat Godfrey, the First Elden Lord (Godfrey the Golden), then rest at the site of grace.

queensbedchamber defeat godfrey
defeat Godfrey the Golden

Continue on and find the tree root and go up it.

Go on the balcony and then out the back. Keep running forward and you will reach the Queen’s Bedchamber, which will lead you up to the Erdtree.

Rest at the Site of Grace within the bedchamber and also watch out for the enemy hiding in the corner.

queensbedchamber rest at site of grace
the Queen’s Bedchamber

Getting to Queen’s Bedchamber from Leyndell, Capital of Ash

queens bed chamber leyndell capital of ash
Leyndell, Capital of Ash

Finally, let’s show you how to reach the Queen’s Bedchamber after you’ve reached Leyndell Ashen Capital, after killing the fire giant.

Head towards the big stone dragon and climb up the back of it.

Go up the ladder (it’s pretty much the same exact path we took from the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace with one minor tweak, you drop down):

queens bed chamber from leyndell ashen capital
drop down

So instead of running up the back root like we did previously, all you have to do is drop down to the left, go up the stairs, take the elevator up, and you will be what was previously Godfrey the Golden’s boss room but now will be Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing.

Beat the boss, follow the root up, take that curved path around, and you will reach the Queen’s Bedchamber.

How Do I Get into the Erdtree in Elden Ring?

To get to the Erdtree, you must go to Leyndell which is the captial city at the foot of the Erdtree.

What Boss is After Queen’s Bedchamber

After the Queen’s Bedchamber, you will eventually encounter Morgott, The Omen King.