How to Get to Snow Area in Elden Ring (Consecrated Snowfield)

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to get to the snow area in Elden Ring.

The snow area, also known as the Consecrated Snowfield is a secret area. It’s located within the lower plains on the Mountaintops of the Giants:

consecrated snowfield on map (1)

Getting to the snow area is also part three of our How to Get to Malenia questline.

With that being said, let’s dive in!

If you’re more of a visual learner, be sure to check out our video guide showing how to get to the snow area (Consecrated Snowfield):

How to Get to Snow Area (Consecrated Snowfield): Elden Ring

How to Get to Snow Area in Elden Ring?

The snow area, also known as the Consecrated Snowfield, can be accessed after you collect the left half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and the right half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion to form the full medallion.

The left half can be found within Castle Sol after you defeat Commander Niall.

The right half can be found in the Village of the Albinaurics from an NPC named Albus.

Once you acquire both pieces of the medallion, you will want to go to the Grand Lift of Rold and hoist your secret medallion (be sure to switch action on the D-Pad of your controller to select the “hoist secret medallion” option):

switch action on D-Pad to see the “hoist secret medallion” option

After you hoist your secret medallion, you will just want to run straight up the stairs.

You will now enter the Hidden Path to the Haligtree.

Keep going straight, open the double doors and make a left up the stairs. Watch out for the small enemies that will be trying to stab you:

hidden path to haligtree stairs

Before entering the doorway, there will be an octopus monster type that will fall from the ceiling so be sure to stay on the left or right side so it doesn’t fall right on top of you.

Go up the stairs to the right and you will find the Site of Grace.

Keep going forward and you will enter a snowy area, congrats, you made it to the Consecrated Snowfield!

Now comes the hard part!

What to do After Getting to the Consecrated Snowfield?

You’ve made it to the snowy area, the Consecrated Snowfield, and you’ve found that you can’t see anything…welcome to the club!

It can be a bit tricky to navigate your way through the Consecrated Snowfield and make your way to the next destination, Ordina, Liturgical Town.


How Do I Get to the Snowy Area in Elden Ring?

You will either need the Rold Medallion from defeating Morgott or the Haligtree Secret Medallion which consists of two halves, the left half from Castle Sol and the right half from the Village of the Albinaurics.

Can You Get to the Snow Area Without Killing Morgott?

As far as the community is aware, there is no way to skip Morgott.