Seer Tips & Abilities Guide: Apex Legends

In this guide, we’ll be diving into Seer, the Ambush Artist.

We’ll be covering his lore, abilities, and tips for playing him.

Let’s dive in!

If you’re more of a visual learner, be sure to check out the video we made on this topic:

SEER GUIDE Apex Legends (5 Tips from a Pro Player)

Seer Lore

Seer, whose real name is Obi Edolasim, is a 26 year old from the world of Boreas.

He has not lived an ordinary life. Before his birth, it was foretold in his community that he would bring suffering to the world. The night he was born, this vision came true and a meteor struck his world’s moon.

When Seer was born, he opened his eyes and the pale blue hue in his pupils scared the community and they saw him as a cursed child.

Although his community shunned him, his parents loved him and saw him for who he was — an empath and a creative soul.

They supported him in his pursuit of the Arenas.

After growing the hearts of the crowd in the Arenas, it was time for Seer to make his way to the Apex Games.

From shunned child whose birth was a bad omen, to an Apex Legend — that is the story of Seer, the Ambush Artist.

seer apex legends

Seer Abilities

Passive Ability: Heart Seeker

Seer’s passive ability is called Heart Seeker. It’s one of the most important out of all his abilities.

When you aim down sights, you see a blue circle around your crosshair. If you’re facing an enemy that is within 75 meters through walls or not, your crosshair will become orange, with orange indicators that will show you the direction of the enemy.

If there is an enemy somewhere on your monitor, but further than 75 meters you will see blue indicators showing you the direction of the enemy. This will only work when they are not through walls. So if you’re looking at a hill and they are far away on a hill and you faintly see the enemy, but don’t notice him/her, then this is where it will work.

You can also see the range and what exactly you are scanning if you refer to your minimap. And it also shows a small, almost unnoticeable line on your screen.

The heartbeat shows as well when you are holding down your tactical ability.

Also, don’t forget that you can use Heart Seeker when unarmed.

Fun fact: the lower your HP is, the faster your heart beats, therefore the faster you get updates on the directions of the enemies.

Tactical Ability: Focus of Attention

Seer’s tactical ability is called Focus of Attention. This ability creates a tunnel-like area in front of Seer, which after 1.4 seconds hits all enemies inside. It’s 75 meters long and has a diameter of 8 meters. Hitting an enemy cancels their revives, ability usages, and ability to use healing items.

After the disruption, they are additionally silenced for 1.2 seconds preventing the use of Legend abilities.

Affected enemies and their health bars are revealed to the squad for 8 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Exhibit

Seer’s ultimate ability is called Exhibit. This ability creates a sphere of microdrones that reveal the locations of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons.

Seer throws down a destroyable piece of equipment that has 125 HP, and lasts 30 seconds.

The number of enemies detected within the range are shown on the player’s their teammate’s HUDs.

Players that are crouching or are airborne, are the only enemies that are not getting revealed by the ultimate.

5 Tips for Playing Seer in Apex Legends

Now let’s get into the tips for playing Seer.

1. Throw Your Ultimate in a Hidden Location

When using your ultimate ability, the Exhibit, make sure to throw it where enemies can’t see it so they can’t destroy it — a corner or outside a building will suffice.

Be mindful about the enemy counter on your HUD, count the number of enemies you see and then look at the number that is showing at the bottom.

If it’s the same number then you know that unless someone is crouching behind you, then you are safe to revive a teammate. On the other hand, if you have seen two enemies and the number three is showing then expect another enemy soon.

2. Practice “Right Clicking” Properly

For your passive, don’t always hold down “right click.”

The most efficient way is to hold right click right after you slide jump, and stop holding it right before you land.

This way it won’t slow you down and you will be able to quickly scan your surroundings.

3. Scan the Entire Area Before Entering

Make sure before entering a house, that you scan left to right or right to left. Also make sure that nobody is outside the house or creeping in a corner so you don’t get surprised later.

If you’re approaching a multiple story building, you can clear specific stories like this.

You can also use your passive to see if there is an enemy before reviving or healing if you are not sure about your surroundings.

4. Use Your Tactical to Disable

Regarding your tactical ability, use this if you’re assuming the enemy is healing, using an ability, or reviving.

This will yield you a much greater advantage rather than just using your tactical to scan like a Bloodhound.

Always keep your tactical ready in case you knock someone in the open, and a teammate Gibraltar comes to rescue, bubbles down, starts reviving, and then you use your tactical to cancel it. Or use it when you hear someone healing.

Hold your tactical to get scans, the heartbeat, then let go to cancel their heals. You can also use this to cancel a Valkyrie’s ultimate while it’s charging. This is fairly easy to hear and target.

5. Communication Is Key

The main takeaway from this guide is that as a Seer, you are not a Bloodhound.

Use your tactical wisely and try to scan with your passive. Talk to your teammates and give information that you gain with your right click and act on that information.