Super People Tips

Hey everyone, Super People by Wonder Games has been making noise across the gaming community.

This new battle royale title, which is being dubbed by some as a PUBG clone, has many gamers excited.

For one, the game introduces a 3rd person view similar to PUBG and is also featuring player special abilities similar to Apex Legends.

Each class/character in the game has its own unique abilities, allowing for a variety of strategies and playstyles.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, so there are bound to be some changes and updates before the final release.

If you’re looking for a new battle royale game to sink your teeth into, Super People may be just what you’re looking for.

My name is Rondon, and I had the chance to be the 28th best worldwide player in duos on Super People FPP.

In this article, I’ll cover some tips and tricks to help you get started in the game.

If you are more of a visual learner, then be sure to check out the video we made on this topic:

7 Super People Tips You SHOULD Know

7 Tips for Super People

1. Craft Items ASAP

The first tip is to craft items as soon as possible.

Crafting in Super People is complicated, but you don’t need to understand it in order to use it. Let me explain.

Every upgradeable item such as helmets, backpacks, and guns has specific items they need for specific levels, and they do not share amongst other equipment.

crafting super people

For example, if you’re looking to upgrade your Level 1 Helmet to a Level 2 Helmet, you need a dyed cloth. This dyed cloth cannot be used anywhere else, so there is really no reason to save the material.

Sometimes you want to keep looting more before looting the first tiers of equipment because you might find higher levels and then you would have wasted time crafting the previous levels, but the materials are only used for one item each.

But this changes when you want to craft your Level 4 into Level 5, and also while crafting guns.

To craft a Level 4 item into a Level 5, you need a Gold Bar. A Gold Bar is used in every Level 4 to Level 5 upgrade in every gun and every piece of equipment, so pick wisely which one you want to upgrade. My recommendation is to always upgrade the Shield first, then Helmet, and then Backpack.

Sometimes you could get a really good perk on your Level 4 Helmet or your Backpack, so you should craft the one with the worst perk.

When crafting guns, every gun needs a Crafting Kit, these kits are shared amongst all guns in the game. You have Common, Uncommon, and Advanced (white, green, and blue).

You should always pick up more of them if you know you will be switching guns, and also for your teammates.

In conclusion, craft everything to Purple as that only requires specific items for that specific crafting tree. After that, pick and choose which item you would like to level up to Level 5.

2. Manual Searching

Tip #2 revolves around manual searching.

Auto search is great, it takes into consideration every level and automatically searches for items you will need for the equipment you have, but the manual search has a bigger range.

Once you know what items you need to upgrade your equipment with, you should manually search for them.

Always click the bottom right button in your desired equipment window to start manually searching for that specific material.

manually searching in super people

3. Pick Up Everything Shining

Tip #3 revolves around looting.

This may be the fastest tip here, but pick up everything that is shining.

The items that you can pick up and equipment, for example, attachments for your guns will be shining.

pick up shining in super people

The armory upgrade, the helmet, etc. Everything that is shining should automatically be picked up.

Things that are not shining, you either do not need them or you have too many of them. You can actually go into the Settings and set how much ammo or first aid you think is enough, and once you have that many of them in your backpack, then the game will not make them shiny.

4. Slice the Pie

Tip #4 is “slicing the pie.” This is used in the military and is very useful in FPS shooting games as well.

Let’s say you’re approaching a window from the left, most people will come to the window, peek it, and get shot instantly from who knows where because they didn’t check it properly.

Once you approach the window from the left, you can see the other side of the window, and progressively, you can move to the side until you can clear the 180 degree-angle outside the window.

slice the pie

Do not skip a pixel, you need to take a look at every tree, every rock, every height difference, and keep sweeping, keep slicing the pie, until you find a hostile. If you do not find an enemy/hostile, then the window is clear and you can keep moving.

You do this not just around windows, but around rocks, any obstacle, and really all the time when you’re just running and rotating. But, you will want to keep looking with your eyes, and you don’t actually have to be aiming down sights all the time because then you’ll be really slow, but you always have to keep slicing the pie.

Once you get used to this, you’ll be able to slice the pie and check 180-degree-angles in under a second.

5. Stack Energy Bars

Tip #5 involves energy bars – you can stack energy bars on top of each other.

This means that you can eat up to three bars at the same time, and then the duration of the effect is increased. The effect itself does not double or triple, but the duration of the effect does.

stack energy bars super people

It maxes out at 270 seconds so always do this when you have time just before a fight. Also, you can only stack one type of bar, and as soon as you consume another bar, the effect is replaced and the duration is as well.

6. Always Un-Zoom Your Scopes

Tip #6 is to always un-zoom your scopes.

For example, if you use the 4x scope, always un-zoom as the recoil is much harder to control on the zoomed-in 4x, compared to the un-zoomed 4x.

7. Shooting From Cars

Tip #7 involves the cars.

You can actually shoot from cars. If you play the driver, even better. But even if you’re not playing the driver, you can still shoot from inside the car while driving and while being in the driver’s seat.

shooting from cars super people

All you have to do is ADS while driving and you can shoot. Of course, you can shoot from other seats as well, just make sure that you’re not sitting in the third seat which is the seat right behind the driver because then when the driver and you both shoot, you might actually hit the driver in the head.

And that’s going to be it! We hope you picked up some new tips for Super People. Good luck and hope to see you on the battlefield!