Valkyrie Tips & Guide: Apex Legends

Welcome, fellow Apex players! This guide is for anyone who wants to play as Valkyrie, one of the most popular legends in the game.

In this guide, you will learn about her abilities, best strategies for playing her, and some tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. So let’s get started!

If you’re more of a visual learner, then be sure to check out the YouTube Video we made on this topic:

Apex Legends VALKYRIE GUIDE (5 Tips From an Apex Predator)

Valkyrie Lore

Valkyrie, also known as the Winged Avenger, is a Legend who is part of the Apex Games. Her real name is Kairi Imahara. She was born on Angelia, a planet in The Frontier. All her life, she’s been fierce, bold, and brash. As a child she stole a Titan that belonged to her father, the callsign Viper.

Her father left on a mission as a child and never returned. She searched for her father’s commander, Kuben Blisk, as she was determined to kill him for putting her father in danger.

Face to face, she ended up sparing him, but took the Apex Games card he had in his hands. She prepared for the games and built a new jetpack from the intact flight core from the Viper’s Northstar.

The jetpack was in honor of her father.

Soaring through the skies, she was free, and her father was always there right beside her — ready to defend the skies together.

valkyrie lore apex legends

Valkyrie Abilities

The interesting thing about Valkyrie is that she has 3 passive abilities.

Passive: Scanning Beacons

First, she is a recon character which means she can scan the survey beacons.

Passive: VTOL Jets

Second, her VTOL Jets which let you fly in the air by pressing the jump button. One tip regarding this is that in the options menu, you can switch between hold and toggle for your jump button, with the hold option being easier for flying and more control.

When you activate the jets, you can only use them for up to up to 7 seconds, and upon activation you deplete 12.5% of the total fuel. Fuel will begin to refill after 8 seconds of not using the jets at 10% per second.

While using the jets, Valkyrie can’t do anything other than using her Valkyrie Q/Tactical Ability, the missile swarm.

Once the jets are released (you let go of the button), you still have approximately 1 second of animation. This means you need to time it perfectly because you can’t shoot, throw grenades, etc. during this second — so you don’t want to be caught in this bad spot during a heated firefight.

Fun fact: When using the gravity cannons on Stormpoint, you can actually use the jetpack to increase the horizontal momentum from the cannon.

Passive: Jetfighter HUD

The last passive she has is the jetfighter HUD. This HUD activates when she is skydiving, using her Ultimate Ability, or using a balloon. This HUD marks all enemies within 250 meters with a direct and uninterrupted sight to Valkyrie.

Enemies that are scanned are not notified which you can use to your advantage. Squad mates attached to Valkyrie can see the scanned enemies as well.

Fun fact: If Mirage has his clones out, your HUD scanner will scan the real one.

valkyrie jetfighter HUD
jetfighter HUD

Tactical: Missile Swarm

Let’s talk about her Tactical Ability, the Missile Swarm. The cooldown on this one is 30 seconds which is a lot, but it offers something other characters don’t have.

The ability fires a swarm of many rockets that damage and disorient the enemies — something similar to an Arcstar.

The downside to using this ability is that you actually need to have an ample vertical clearance to use it.

This means if you are in a house and the ceiling is right above you, you can’t actually use your ability at all. What this also means is that it is hard to aim, because you need to be able to see where the rockets are going. If you can’t then it is extremely hard to aim and hit your target.

So for example, let’s say an enemy is behind a rock, you can use your jetpack to fly up, see who to use your tactical ability against, use your tactical, disable the jets, switch to gun, and then fight them. Usually, doing all these actions simultaneously will result in them still be disoriented from the missile swarm while will open up an opportune moment to beat them in a gun fight.

Ultimate: Skyward Dive

Lastly, her ultimate ability is the Skyward Dive. Her ability launches you and allies hooked onto you into the air, resulting in a sky dive.

Her ultimate is pretty straightforward and we’ll be covering more about this ability in our tips.

valkyrie skyward dive
skyward dive prep

5 Tips for Playing Valkyrie in Apex Legends

Now that we’ve covered her abilities, let’s dive into some of the tips you can start using today to become a better Valkyrie player.

Tip 1: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Jetpack

Tip #1 is to use your jetpack, and I mean it.

When you are running away from a team and they are chasing you, use your jetpack to get over obstacles such as random fences, going through the 2nd floor of a house, roof, dropping down , etc.

Also, a good interaction with the jetpack is if you are fighting within an enemy Gibraltar bubble. You can use your jetpack to fly above the bubble and confuse your enemies. The enemy will have two options to either keep shooting at you or to keep shooting your teammates and then you can freely flank them.

Tip 2: Get Height Before Using Your Ultimate Ability

Whenever you are going to use your Valkyrie ability, get height before using it.

The ultimate does not get you into a certain height and then you fly — it brings you up by a certain amount of meters into the sky.

This means if you start your ultimate on a hill, you will go higher up.

This will allow you to gain farther distance.

Tip 3: Split and Use Sky Emote When Landing

Following the last tip, another tip for the Valkyrie Ultimate is that when you are done with the first animation, make sure all teammates split away from each other and use their sky emotes.

This will make everyone harder to hit and you will survive more, especially when it comes down to surviving those final rounds.

Tip 4: Be a Hard Target When Jetpacking

Tip #4 might be obvious for some of you, but when you use your jetpack you are a very easy target.

Make sure you only use your jetpack if you know what you are doing.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to run away, you can actually use the jetpack to boost you forward.

Every start of the jetpack engine gives you a small boost so you can use this boost in the air about 5-6 times so you can get a bit of a boost to cross the open safer or to just be faster on rotation.

Tip 5: Time Your Ultimate on Final Rounds

The last tip is that if you use your Valkyrie Ultimate when the zone is closing to rotate into the next zone, you will most likely not have it when it’s time to rotate again.

So if you are at the Round 2 closing and you use your ultimate to fly into Round 3, and when Round 3 starts closing and you want to use it into Round 4, unless you have Ultimate Accelerant or are wearing gold shield you will not get the ultimate again.

Now bear in mind, the cooldown is 3-minutes so you can actually look under the map at the timer and if you know how much time it takes for each round to finish closing and how much time it takes for the next round to start closing then you can calculate it.

And make sure you always use your Valkyrie Ultimate in a situation where you don’t have the advantage. It’s not worth it to fight in a situation that is not in your favor.

So if you are getting shot at by 3 separate charge rifles, then just pop your ultimate.

Also, try to use your Gibraltar teammate (hopefully you have one) to throw down the bubble and then ultimate from the bubble.


And those were our tips and tricks on how to play Valkyrie.

We hope you enjoyed this video and written guide, now go out there and dominate the skies!